The Start

Every day I spend hours on the internet. I scroll through twitter on the bus; check news sites while drinking coffee at work; come home to never-ending facebook and pinterest pages. For better or worse, hours, upon hours, of my day are spent site hopping.

I realize now that I’m making myself out to be a mindless couch potato, which is not my intent. Truth be told I find amazing things while browsing every day. And every time I see one of these amazing things, I get so excited and feel like I need to save it. I could give it a quick “pin” or share it with friends– but there are so many things that inspire me every day, that there is no way anyone would want to follow each of these whims. Need proof? Look at all of the links, pictures, and gifs I have dragged to my desktop from this week’s browsing:

My Desktop

Which brings me to this blog. There are certain things that I come across that I need to keep0- that are too wonderful to leave in my desktop abyss. DownRabbit is my experiment in keeping these gems in one place, so that when I need some inspiration,  I can be reminded of what has really moved me.

So cheers to the internet!



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